Mass Intentions for Week of March 13-31

03/13   11:35 Mary L. Jacobs +

            12:15 Deceased members of Kallarachal Family +

03/1411:35 Carol O'Neill

            12:15 Antonio Marti +

03/15   11:35 Diane and Andrew Garcia

            12:15 Maria R. Gutierrez +

03/16   11:35 Rosa T. Demmer +

            12:15 John Cahoon, Jr. +

03/17   11:35 Rose Marie Cashiola +

            12:15 Contributors & Families

03/20   11:35 Sigrid Nowicki

            12:15 Geoffrey Evans

03/21   11:35 Mary Ehni +

            12:15 Ena Chirinos

03/2211:35 Ernesto Sr. & Remedios Azucena +

            12:15 Edna Puno +

03/2311:35 Margaret DelGiacco +

            12:15 Sigrid Nowicki

03/2411:35 Kati Deluke Triolo +

            12:15 Rev. Bruce Noble +

03/2711:35 Msgr. Albert Beck +

            12:15 Maria Teresa Basit +

03/2811:35 Rose Mary Cashiola +

            12:15 Juan Pablo Nino +

03/2911:35 Loretta Glod +

            12:15 Conversion of Mary Nguyen

03/3011:35 Charito Gardiner +

            12:15 Jofre Guloy +

03/3111:35 Becky Pack

           12:15 Rev. Bruce Noble +

Women's 2017 Lenten Series

Join us as we prepare for Easter by learning more about the history of the Church and the leaders who have given witness over the centuries.  Fr. Jerry Jung, Director of Holy Cross Chapel, will lead this session on The Roman Catholic Church Through Time.  The series will uncover key historical events of the Church and how they relate to the role of the Church and our Faith today.

March 7:  The Church as a Beacon

March 14:  The Heresies of the Church

March 21:  The Church in Turmoil

March 28:  The Church and State

The series will begin at 12:00pm and conclude by 1:00pm on the 2nd floor of the Chapel.

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Recommended Reading for The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

 Available in our Bookstore today!

The Secret of Mary

"The Secret of Mary" sets forth the very heart of True Devotion to Mary. In this small but powerful book, St. Louis de Montfort shows why this "secret", known by few is such an excellent yet easy means of union with God. Followed and recommended by Popes and Saints, this way of life is nevertheless perfect for lay people, as well as for priests and religious. It is primarily an interior practice to be carried out daily, from moment to moment-and if followed faithfully, it will certainly bring a person to profound holiness and great effectiveness as an apostle." Tan Publishers

The Secret of the Rosary

"Canon William says of De Montfort's book, The Secret of the Rosary, it goes far beyond mere research. We might say it contains everything that can be said about the Rosary-its content and form, its real worth, about the instruction necessary for its appreciation and use."

Book of Mary

This beautiful collection of prayers affirms that "as we honor the Mother, we also truly know the Son and give him love, glory, and obedience."


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Ministers Needed!

God does call each of us to some form of ministry, and God will give us all that we need to answer that call. All we need is a willing heart and a love of God.

♦ We are in need of many to assist with the distribution of Holy Communion during Mass.

♦ Those who are gifted to speak publicly should consider becoming lectors.

♦ Others should see themselves called to serve as Ushers.

Please consider how God is calling you to one of these liturgical ministries. Sign up forms are available at the Security Desk.